16 June 2011

Core breaks and sushi assembly line

Gunnar doing maintenance of the Pistenbully crane control

Today drillers have been struggling to improve the core quality by changing cutters and working on other drill improvements. The result is that drilling itself performs very well, the cores are long (1.50+ m for last two runs), chips are well recovered, but, unfortunately, the cores still have many internal cracks/breaks. This night the bore hole liquid level was increased to about 50m above bottom in order to test if this will have any positive influence on core quality. Otherwise it has been a good day in camp with the first AWI radar grid line measured, a good production in CFA lab and science trench, and a busy sushi assembly line in the kitchen.

What we have done today:
1. NEEM S1 drilling depth 291.66 m
2. CFA of brittle zone main core: bag 2206 – 2273 (1212.75 - 1250.15 m). 22 m analyzed. 59%
3. NEEM S1 ice core processing: bag 468 – 519 (256.85 - 285.45 m)
4. First AWI radar grid line successfully measured
5. Pistenbully crane maintenance
6. Enjoying great Sushi meal prepared by Sarah and Yoshinori

Ad. 2.  Brittle core quality is improving. Today 59% of the sample could be analyzed (as compared to yesterdays 30%). Both isotope and gas analyzers are now attached.

Weather: A mixture of overcast, blue sky, and snow showers. Temp. -8 °C to -15 °C, wind 4 - 15 knots from W -> S -> E -> N -> E.

FL, Anders Svensson

Two sushi experts presenting an impressive and tasty meal

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