14 June 2011


Tanja (on sledge) and Martin (behind camera) went for the first time out of camp testing the AWI radar

Smunday night and Tuesday morning gave us a bit of a hard time in camp. During the drilling attempt last night the core barrel was lost in the bore hole and it decided to stay down there. At the same time, the columns of the FIC in the CFA lab were on strike and analyses were on hold. Fortunately, during the day the situation improved significantly: The FIC was brought back on track and analysis of the deepest ice from the main core could continue. Then, after several attempts the lost core barrel was successfully recovered from the hole. Furthermore, the German radar setup went out of camp on a first successful test run. So, at the end of the day things look bright again. Today was by the way the warmest day of the year so far with temperatures up to -1.6 °C in the afternoon, and sure enough we had a thick ground fog rolling in after dinner.

What we have done today:
1. Fishing for lost core barrel in shallow hole S1
2. CFA analysis of deep main core: bag 4576 – 4603 (2516.25 - 2531.65 m)
3. NEEM S1 ice core processing: bag 366 – 419 (200.75 - 230.45 m)
4. First successful open-field test of AWI radar system
5. Preparing flag line for main street
6. Initiating a second trash pallet

Ad. 5. The flag line includes the NEEM funding nations and the nationalities of the 2011 participants. Denmark and Greenland are up front as inviting countries and the other flags follow in alphabetic order of nationality according to British spelling. All flag poles have the same height and flag sizes are coherent.

Weather: Very warm and sunny day. Ground fog at night. Temp. -1.6 °C to - 12 °C, wind 4 - 12 knots from S. Visibility unrestricted during daytime but low at night time.

FL, Anders Svensson

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