23 May 2011

We receive the second plane

NEEM camp seen from the skiway. The 5 red markers show the midway of the skiway. 

A drama is unfolding regarding air traffic in Greenland. Although the weather was fine for flying to NEEM, everybody in camp was anxiously following the news on the Grimsvötn eruption in Iceland.

As parts of Iceland and southern Greenland halted air traffic, we got our plane on time and in a perfect rotation the plane only spent 28 minutes on the snow.

We are now set for the next three weeks. Again, there was a flurry of activity as people unpacked food, spare parts and equipment.

In the science trench things are progressing fine, and the drillers have now learned to handle the drill. In fact, the drill behaves so well that we in the evening decided to enter a two shift mode in drilling on Tuesday

What we have done today:

1. Received Skier 11. Four new NEEM’ers arrived and two left.
2. Unpacking and sorting cargo.
3. Training new drillers and loggers.
4. Placing the U.S. logging winch in position.
5. Setting up equipment in CFA laboratory (Fast I.C.) and in gas and isotope laboratory.
6. Inspecting and tilling skiway
7. Drilling to a depth of 40.04 m.

Weather: In the morning clear, later overcast and light snow showers.
Temp. - 13 °C to - 25 °C, 4-6 knots from E, later N. Visibility unrestricted in the morning, later ¼ mile during snow showers.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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