18 May 2011

Plane tomorrow, and we are ready to receive it

A scene that makes you feel a little at home: Matthias is sorting his laundry in the main dome.

Today we put the finishing touches to the flight operations area. Everything is now ready to receive the plane tomorrow. We also erected the last structures in camp and furbished them with beds. Now, all arriving personnel have a good bed to sleep in. The drillers did not drill anything today as the winch motor is broken; but tomorrow they will get a replacement motor so they made ready to exchange motors. Now we keep our fingers crossed that the fine weather we have enjoyed in many days will continue.

What we have done today:

1.  Groomed skiway with tiller.
2.  Groomed taxiway and apron with beam groomer and tiller.
3.  Erected the last three weatherports and made red dome 1 ready.
4.  Setting up CFA.
5.  Starting the camp information screen.
6.  Disassembled the shallow winch.

Ad.1 and 2: The skiway, taxiway and apron are now ready to receive a plane.
Ad.3: Camp is now ready to receive all arriving personnel.
Ad.6: Drillers report: No drilling today as we prepare to replace the winch motor coming on the plane tomorrow.

Weather: Clear. Temp. - 13 °C to - 26 °C, 4-2 knots from S. Unrestricted

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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