15 May 2011

Preparations for the flight next week

Hans Christian and J.P. are lifting the half buried markers out of the snow and resetting them.

In the coming week we are expecting a flight with many new NEEMers.

We are constantly working on getting our skiway up to standard. An important issue is the markings. They have to be set in a prescribed pattern. Over winter, the markers have become half buried in snow and it is necessary to pull them up and reset them. The whole system consists of more than 300 markers, so it takes some time to lift them all.

As Sverrir has removed more than a meter of snow around our first outhouse, we needed a new one, and this Matthias and Simon made today. This outhouse should also have the capacity for the new members of camp, at least for some time…

What we have done today:

1. Raising markers on skiway, taxiway and apron.
2. Removing rollers from skiway with Pistenbully.
3. Drilling and testing in storage garage.
4. Building new outhouse.
5. Grooming around cargo and tank area.
6. Excavated and raised downed windsock.
7. Setting up CFA system.

Drillers report: Drill has been set up. Logging table is setup in the storage garage. Drillers depth: 9.1 meter. First complete bag of 420 m core is bag 12.

Weather: Clear. Temp. - 13 °C to - 23 °C, 12 knots from S. Unrestricted visibility.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

J.P. resetting the “2” markers. These markers tell the pilots that there are 2000 feet remaining to the end of the skiway.

Simon is testing the new outhouse facilities with snow man spectators. On the hill, the “old” outhouse.

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