19 April 2010

Field season 2010

Due to the ongoing eruption in Eyjafjalla Jökull air traffic in most of Northern Europe has been disrupted. So far this has not had any consequences for the NEEM project until today.

Today, Monday, April 19 the FOMs, Lars Berg Larsen and Lone Holm Hansen did not make it to Kangerlussuaq. Therefore, the Field Office in Kangerlussuaq is not open. However, we will from now on have a virtual FOM office open. Lars and Lone will check e-mails on the neem-fom@gfy.ku.dk e-mail address and we begin to issue daily reports on the NEEM home page. Please follow the development on the NEEM home page.
We are working on several scenarios for rescheduling the put- in, and if the air space over Northern Europe does not clear in the next few days, we will be forced to make some changes of plans. So far there are no changes.


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