28 June 2010

Goodbye and hello

Social gathering on Saturday night
Cheers! NEEM participants from five nations.

If weather allows we get another flight mission tomorrow where 19 persons leave NEEM and 14 new arrive. Those exchanges of personnel are at the same time exciting and challenging both professionally and psychologically. In the closed camp society one fast gets to learn each other and get into a working routine. When suddenly half the camp population is replaced, new people arrive with different habits and ideas and the entire camp changes in a way.

It's very important that the working experience that builds up in camp during the season is transferred from one team to the next. Therefore, a carefully thought manning plan has been prepared, which ensures a smooth exchange of personnel within each area of expertise. One of the great pleasures about the field work is that so many sympatric and skilful colleagues participate in the project often year after year. That creates a good mood. Another fun thing about the project is the international environment that often becomes a source of inspiration and afterthought.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and core logging Eemian ice. Driller's depth: 2270.01 m (run #800). Logger's
    depth: 2286.27 m.
2. Processed deep ice cores. 27.5 m. Final depth 2242.35 m.
3. CFA measurements. 23.1 m. Final depth: 1856.25 m.
4. Packing ice core boxes and cargo for flight mission scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Weather: Overcast all day. Poor contrast, but good visibility. Small snow showers. Wind decreasing to 3 kt at night. Temp. -10 °C to -5 °C.

FL, Anders Svensson


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