22 June 2010

Crew exchange and good timing of flight mission

A tiny visitor appreciates the warmth inside Main Dome
NEEM camp not only receives airplanes but also birds. Unlike the airplanes the smaller birds are however normally not leaving camp again. This particular bird survived for a while inside Main Dome.

Today we had a flight mission and an exchange of personnel in camp. We thank our departed colleagues for leaving a tidy and productive camp in a good spirit. The flight mission was successful due to a combination of hard work in the preparation of the skiway and well-behaving low outdoor temperatures. There was, however, also some luck involved, as a ground fog came in just after the skier landed: had the skier departed just an hour later from Sønderstrømfjord the mission would most likely have failed.
The skier's grounding time was less than one hour including drifting and loading of pallets, transfer of fuel to camp and exchange of passengers. The take-off was successful in first attempt using less than 2/3 of the skiway and without use of assisting rockets (ATOs).

We now hope that the skiway will be upgraded to allow for a higher payload so that we can receive more cargo in coming flight missions. At the moment the camp is a bit low in fuel, drill liquid and other vital items, so today's successful mission is very much appreciated.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and core logging.
2. Processed ice cores: 22 bags of brittle ice: bag 1095 to 1116.
3. CFA measurements. Measured 17.6 m. Final depth: 1769.35 m.
4. Received skier 22 with fuel, food and passengers in exchange for departing
    passengers and ice.

Ad.1: Drillers report will follow tomorrow. Driller's depth: 2181.71 meters.

Weather: During the day blue sky and good visibility. At 20:45 a ground fog came in. Temp. -12 °C to -6 °C, wind 3-10 knots from S.

FL, Anders Svensson


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