16 June 2010

We are descending in a fine way

Lovely heroes: The cooks at NEEM camp
Every day heroes: Sarah and Louise are ready to feed 33 people with pizza.

A day like today is actually good. Everybody in the drilling trench and science trench is working in a fine routine and make progress. The experiments on the surface are working fine. The cooks are making fine foods and the surface crew is welding, repairing, moving snow, pumping fuel etc.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and logging.
2. Processed ice cores: 44 bags, from 3716 to 3759.
3. Measuring CFA. Measured 20.9 m. CFA depth: 1672.55 m.
4. Welded extra guides on sled for third fuel tank. All tank sleds now revised.
5. At the water vapour sampling site, the machines are working fine and many
    experiments are conducted.

Ad.1: Drillers report:
We continue with a good mode of 2.2 mm pitch at maximum current by runs' end. Chips recovery is still pretty good, though some chips are found on top of each core. This actually hindered the first run of the morning, along with ice under the shoes at least once. Otherwise the runs are good and inclination has remained stable for another day of eight runs. (Note: we have extended the duration of the day's shifts by one hour).

Driller's depth: 2106.76 meters. Logging depth: 2122.82 m.
Weather: Thick overcast and continuous snow. Temp. -10 °C to -6 °C, 3-10 knots from WSW then WNW. Visibility: Mostly around 1 mile, depending on intensity of snow fall.

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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