8 June 2010

We got a plane today from Thule with fuel

Skier 11 transfers fuel from it’s tanks to our tank in camp.

Because we were low on fuel due to the need to re-fuel the Skier on Sunday, the 109th graciously offered us fuel on a plane from Thule. It was a really good offer, and we accepted. However, weather continued to be warm, and our skiway was so damaged from Sunday’s operations, that the gift of fuel turned out to be not so good at all. The pilots found the skiway condition so bad, that they immediately downgraded our skiway to allow for less payload. As in a board game, we were sent back to “Start”.

In camp, the new people are already up and running at the same pace as the previous group. As can be seen in the production figures, we are back to full revolutions.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and logging.
2  Processed ice cores: 32 bags, from  3428 to 3459.
3. Measuring CFA. Measured 19.8 m. CFA depth: 1551.55 m
4. Grooming skiway with tiller to to make contrast track for today.
5. Receiving Skier 11.

Ad.1: Drillers report:

The new drilling teams are in full swing.  Seven runs today produced more than 20 meters of nice ice core.  Both pitch and core diameter are stable at 1.6 mm and 97.6 mm respectively.  Chip transport after about 1.6 meters continues to be a challenge, but full 3.5 meter core lengths are possible. Despite a clean borehole, thorough cleaning of the interior of the hallow shaft at the surface seems critical between each run. Chips clogging at each of the small filtering holes in the hallow shaft need to be cleared in addition to the interior of the shaft itself. This is a long process, so we are preparing a second complete shaft and pump to exchange between each run if it is deemed necessary.

Driller’s depth 1974.80 meters.  Logging depth: 1988.25 m

Weather: Overcast with several light snow showers. Temp. - 7 °C  to - 2 °C , less than 5 knots from all directions. Visibility: unrestricted to 1 mile during snow showers.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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