24 May 2010

A smart way to move a house

The moment where the dome tent is being put back over the new floor and furniture.

The two dome tents were sitting 1.5 m below surface due to snow accumulation and snow drift. In May 2008, they were erected on 2 m high snow hills! We moved Red Dome 2 today. We lifted the tent away over floor and furniture with the crane. Then furniture was removed, followed by removal of the plywood floor. The hole was backfilled to present surface, the floor was re-laid, the furniture put back and finally the tent was lowered back on top.

In the drill trench, drillers are enlarging the diameter of the hole in the deep part. The diameter is increased by 0.5 mm. Drillers believe that the narrow hole has created a slight torque on the core barrel, causing it to unlock.
CFA people are happy today, it appears that they are about to enter production mode.

What we have done today:

  1. Drilling and logging.
  2. Setting up equipment in warm laboratories. Working on connecting the two warm laboratories with melt water flow lines.
  3. Processing ice cores.
  4. Moving Red Dome 2 to surface.
  5. Mounting curtains in front of core buffer.
  6. Measuring CFA. Today we measured 9.90 m of the SC piece. All systems online.

Ad.1: Drillers report:
In both cases yesterday, the core barrel released itself after passing 1000 m depth. By analyzing data from our precision survey of the borehole at the start of the season, drillers could see a slight decrease in bore hole diameter below 1000 m.
Drillers have therefore spent the day expanding the diameter of the borehole by 0.5 mm to the nominal 132mm diameter. The reaming, as this expansion is called, is obtained by letting the drill go down very slowly, at 3 cm/s, while the drill motor is running. The expansion process is expected to end tonight, and tomorrow drillers should be able to resume drilling.
Driller’s depth 1823.44 meters.  Logging depth 1836.95 meters

Ad.3: Processed 34 bags, last bag 3327, 1829.85 m. Processors have now
entered IS 12.

Weather: Fine all day. -14°C to - 6°C, 14 knots from SSE. Visibility:
Unrestricted. Much too warm for the season.

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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