15 May 2010

Saturday in a crowded camp

First ice core of the 2010 season
The first ice core of the season. A one meter section, on the logging table.

All the new people are settling in. Many small tents dot the ground in our tent village, as many prefer the privacy of a tent and the experience of sleeping on the snow.

For Saturday night, the dining room was extra crowded, as we had 4 people from the GRIT traverse and one from the dogsled project as guests. Everybody had a fine evening, and a lot of people joined in the mid-night dance, featuring the Danish group “Sweet hearts”.

Weather is back to normal temperatures and there is not much wind. We had two vehicles in action on the Skiway most of the day to repair the ravages of the blizzard on Thursday.

What we have done today:
1. Drilled the first core of the season.
2. Unpacking science equipment.
3. Constructing the warm laboratory for on-line gas measurements.
4. Installed funnel for new laboratory.
5. Settting up camp servers, wire-less LAN and NEEM e-mail system.
6. Grooming the entire skiway, taxi way and apron with beam groomer.
  The whole skiway was then treated with dozerblade and tiller.
7. Nice Saturday night dinner. Christoffer, Anne, Maibritt and Peter were cooks.

Ad.1: Drillers made one run where the drilled a nice 1.11 m long core. The run was not completed due to anti-torque failure. This is normal, and the anti-torque was subsequently adjusted. After the run, the tower needed some adjustment.

Weather: blue sky, -26°C to - 18°C, 5 knots from SSE. Visibility:

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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