12 May 2010

Flight cancelled, but we've got visitors anyway

Our visitors: A tractor train and dogsleds.
Some of our visitors resting in the snow.

The bad weather from yesterday did not really leave us today. Although the
wind had abated, a cloud cover hung over the ice sheet and it snowed all
day. We had to cancel the flight again. According to weather forecast we
should have good chances tomorrow for a plane.

We cancelled the flight at Noon, and one hour later the U.S. Greenland
traverse (GRIT) arrived from Thule. They have been driving for 2 weeks.
Half an hour later, two dogsled teams arrived to NEEM. We now have a
tractor train and two dogsleds and 18 dogs in camp. It is a pleasant visit,
and our guests really enjoyed to sit in a building, having a shower and
spending time in our sauna.

What we have done today:
1. The drillers made 2 filter runs today. Last run to the bottom. The hole
  is now clean.
2. Received GRIT traverse team and dogsled team.
3. New out house erected.
4. Work on stabilising the drill tower.
5. Grooming skiway after last nights wind and snow. We got 6 cm of new snow.
6. Levelling area for new laboratory.
7. A complete changing room for drillers outer clothes is ready in the
  white weatherport.

Ad.1: The drillers are now finished getting chips out of the hole. A total
of 226 kg has been retrieved.

Ad.4: Several new fittings have been made to securely bolt the tower base
to the timbers of the floor.

Weather: Overcast, -14°C to - 11°C, 5 - 15 knots from SSW turning to WNW.
Visibility: 1-2 miles all day. Light snow all day.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Our visitors: A tractor train and dogsleds.


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