1 May 2010

First Saturday evening in the field

A relaxed doctor is a good sign
A good sign. Our doctor, Hans Christian, has little to do. 

Saturday night at NEEM camp is always anticipated with pleasure. It is the
evening off, and dinner is special. People take a shower and people dress
up: Necktie for men and dresses for women is compulsory. We need at least
once a week to demonstrate to each other that we are civilized people.

However, first Saturday is normally an exception because water supply is
not yet established. This year is an exception. Everybody had a good shower
and could celebrate Saturday evening with style. Sarah had made steaks so
all 16 had a good evening.

What we have done today:

1. Installation of main snowmelter, showers and dishwasher
2. Lifting and revising skiway flags
3. Mounting skylight, the “submarine” over drill trench
4. Excavating ice core storage cave
5. New linear motor installed on tower. The tower now tilts to vertical
6. Un-packing in CFA laboratory
7. Setting up drill electronics
8. Troubleshooting malfunction on Pistenbully
9. Saturday evening.

Ad.1:  After only 72 hours in camp, we have all systems in camp up and running.

Ad.8: We have a malfunction in the steering, so we cannot use the
Pistenbully right now. Luckily, we got all heavy lifting for camp opening
done. We are presently in contact with the company to solve the problem.

Weather: Blue sky all day, - 33 °C to -23 °C, 3-9 knots from SE. Visibility:

FL, J.P. Steffensen


Our skiway with number 2 flags after revision.
Our skiway with number “2” flags after revision.

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