18 July 2009

Saturday Night

Preparing Saturday Night
Lizzie painting a French mustache on Tim with a (non)permanent speedmarker.

Saturday evening in camp was special as usual. We had a more than excellent French meal cooked by the French team. THANKS! The evening turned into a French evening and after dinning we all walked over to the new empty garage and had a table tennis competition with France against the rest of the World. Even the French had to conclude that the champignon was JiWoong from Korea. After dinner Mauro gave a lesson in Salsa

What we have done today:
1.Drilling with the NEEM long drill: 22.69 m. Drillers depth: 1204.28m
2. Logging 79.34 m of core. Logging depth 1107.61 m 3. CFA analysis: 12.65 m. Depth: 442.2 m.
4. Prepared Saturday night
5. Finished building the new core buffer including beams to place the buffer on.
6. Shallow drilling at the air-firn village. Present depth 40 m. Air-sampling has been made at the depth 40m.
7. Repaired cable from shallow winch motor to power supply
8. Pit sampling by Zoe and Kaitlin.
9. Made platform for sofa and placed sofa on the platform in the top office
10. Restarted snow melter and pump after a total drainage Saturday evening at 23:00

Weather: A very nice and sunny day with blue sky and night temperatures between Friday and Saturday down to -15°C and day temperatures up to -3°C. Wind 5-12 kn from S.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Local World Championship in Table tennis
Local World Championship in table tennis in the new garage


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