10 July 2009

The NEEM control tower

View to all camp from the control tower

Participants following today’s flight operation from the NEEM control tower .

At the top of main dome is installed a cabin from where one has one of the best views of the Greenland ice sheet. In the cabin is installed the camp communication equipment, radio, satellite telephone, weather station and internet connection.

The cabin works as an office for the field leader who can survey any movement in camp at any given moment through five windows plus a top hatch. This is in particular useful during a flight operation as one can follow the movement of the airplane on the skiway and the loading area. It is thus possible to guide the pilots about navigation and loading of the plane. From the cabin we make weather reports and keep in contact with the Field Operation Manager (FOM) in Kangerlussuaq that is our life line to civilization. The tower is also a popular touristic spot for field participants to take pictures of the countryside.

As of today, the tower is handed over to Dorthe Dahl-Jensen who will be NEEM field leader for the remaining part of the season.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling with the NEEM long drill: 20.35 m. Drillers depth: 1020.42 m (numbers from yesterday).
2. Logging brittle zone ice. Final depth: 715.55 m.
3. No ice core processing. Brittle zone has been reached.
4. CFA analysis: 7.70 m. Depth: 327.25 m.
5. Receiving Skier 72 in the morning.
6. Packing ice core box pallet and luggage pallet to depart with skier.
7. Unpacked pallets received by skier and packed two drum pallets for tomorrows skier.

Ad.1: There is currently a crew exchange in the drill trench and drilling progresses a little slower.

Weather: From early morning to late evening we have had a nice sunny day.
It was perfect for receiving the skier in the morning. Just after midnight, we did however get a ground fog like in the previous nights.

FL, Anders Svensson

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