6 May 2009

Two steps forward and one backward

A pleasant evening in the dining area

A pleasant evening in the dining area

Let’s begin with the step backward. As the drillers prepared for the pull test, to see if the cable is properly attached to the top of the drill, our second winch control broke down. Now we are unable to operate the winch.
It turned out, that the cut cable and the failure of the winch control yesterday were not related. As the damage was analyzed, we found out that the failure today, and the failure yesterday of the first control had the same source – the winch motor. Due to some fault in the motor, it ruined both our controls. However, as we have an extra motor coming next week and we have ordered new winch controls, the situation is not creating a delay, as the drillers have plenty of other tasks to keep them busy.
Now to the two steps forward. We now have a complete central heating system in operation. The main dome is nice and cozy. We’ve also got the main water supply and drain system working, which allowed for several to take their first shower in camp, and to operate the dishwasher.

We all agree, it has been a fine day.

What we have done today:

  1. Made ready for pull test. Second winch controller broke down.
  2. Diagnosing winch controls.
  3. Mounting new window in drillers cabin.
  4. Grooming skiway in zig-zag with tiller.
  5. Added markings to new ski landing area.
  6. Established main water supply.
  7. Fixing the drain system. People can now take a shower and we can run the dishwasher.
  8. Removing cold air flow from floor by applying PU foam.
  9. Moved our outhouse.

Weather: Haze and blowing snow, later blue sky, - 30 °C to -20 °C, 10-20 knots from SE. Visibility: 1 mile to unrestricted. Some blowing snow in the morning.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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