4 May 2009

Nice day for outdoor work

Removing snowdrifts

Removing snowdrifts around generator and main dome

Sverrir with the Pistenbully and Hans Christian with the snow blower moved a lot of snow today. It made camp look a lot nicer.

Henrik was really dedicated, and managed to setup the snowmelter and hook it onto the hot water system. Now a lot of snow is melting, and we begin to hope for a shower and wash soon.

Oli set up a railing and some lids around the 8 m deep excavation in the drill trench floor. Jakob, Trevor and Steffen setup the drill electronics and drill console and began mounting the drill itself.

HansPeter and Bruno took care of insuring a proper power supply. A mains cable was cut by the snow blower close to the garage. This is one of the things that may happen. FI relays and circuit breakers tripped as they should, and the damage was repaired in short time.

What we have done today:

  1. Setting up snowmelter near the main dome
  2. Mounting drill electronics and console. Testing drill computer
  3. Removing snowdrifts around main dome and red dome tents
  4. Removing snow around garage
  5. Constructing railings and lids around the inclined trench

Ad.1: The water pipes from the snow melter to the main dome are difficult to maintain. We have therefore decided to place the snow melter next to the main dome in such a way that it can be removed at the end of the season.

Ad.2: Drill electronics and computer are working fine.

Ad.4: During the snow removal around the garage, the snow blower hit the power cable for the garage and the food store, the cable was repaired after 1.5 hours.

Weather: Blue sky, - 33°C to -22°C, 3-5 knots from SE. Visibility: Unrestricted.
A beautiful cold day.

FL, J.P. Steffensen 

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