27 April 2009

Arrival at NEEM

The put-in team defore departure.

The first eleven field participants before departure from Kangerlussuaq to NEEM. From the left Henrik Bundgaard, Jakob Schwander, Trevor Popp, Hans Christian Florian, Steffen Bo Hansen, Sarah Harvey, Jørgen Peder Steffensen, Sverrir Hilmarsson, Bruno Stocker, Hans Peter Moret, and Olafur Kristinnsson.

Departing April 28 at 9:15 from Kangerlussuaq with the US Hercules airplane from the 109th airlift wing of the New York Air National Guard, the first eleven field party members landed at the NEEM site at 11:50 local time.

After having said goodbye to the empty plane, which took off in first attempt using ATOs, field leader J. P. Steffensen called the field office in Kangerlussuaq to announce the arrival of the crew in camp.

The camp was partially buried in snow after significant snow drifts during the winter. Large drifts had been deposited around the garages and the large dome building. When the team left the camp last August, the clearance underneath the dome building was 2 meter, but the drifts has closed the gap, and the entrance is now at level with the snow surface. The first task was therefore to move large amounts of snow to ensure access to the buildings. Wires and piping left 2 meters above the snow were found up to 1,5 meters below. After many hours of snow clearing, it could be concluded that al buildings are intact and that everything inside the science and drill trenches is intact.

The main generator is running and the Pistenbully as well as the skidoos were started with success.

At 8 pm, the Kangerlussuaq office received the news that everybody were sitting inside the main dome happy and relaxed, enjoying a nice warm meal at -12°C.

Next contact with the camp is Wednesday at 1 pm.

Weather at NEEM at arrival: -20°C, wind between 20 and 25 knots.

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