9 August 2008

Saturday evening with an American Buffet.

Flag line

A moment in the camp.

A good working day continuing most of the projects. The Saturday meal was cooked by the Americans in camp and we all enjoyed it. We had a good evening with talk, fun and dance.

What we have done today:

  1. Finished the core buffer.
  2. Packed the ECM equipment.
  3. Cleaned the surface.
  4. Maintained the snow blower.
  5. Changed glycol on the radiator system.
  6. Made box for electrical and water connection outside the dome.
  7. Started making the drillers pull out table.
  8. Worked on ventilation and snot station in drill trench.
  9. Successful radar measurements

Weather: overcast, -8 to -5 deg C, wind 5-10 knots from W, visibility mostly unrestricted

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