16 July 2008

Reaming was finished and a camera showed the bottom of the 92m deep hole


Picture from the bottom of the borehole

Today we finished reaming the borehole to a diameter of 281mm. A camera was lowered down to the bottom of the hole to see the bottom before the casing tubes are placed in the hole. In the science trench we started installing an elevator to have a second entrance to the trench system after the inclined entrance to the science trench was closed yesterday. The firn-gas program continues with good success and the depth of 7.5m and 10m are reached by the teams.

Reaming depth: 92 m
Reamer 5 diameter: 281 mm

What we have done today:

  1. Finalized the reaming of the NEEM pilot hole with reamer 5 from 255 to 281mm
  2. Pulled power cables in the camp.
  3. Built walls in the dome
  4. Installed radiators in main dome and continued the preparation of the water system
  5. Installed elevator in science trench
  6. Placed cover on the second garage
  7. Cut 2.5 cm O18 samples of the first 7.5 m of the ice cores from the firn-gas site.
  8. Firn-gas pumping successfully operating. S3 (US) depth: 10m, S2 (EU) depth 7.5m
  9. Traverse preparations – train with PistenBully and sledges prepared

Ad 1 the Pictures shows the edges of the reamings with reamer 3,4 and 5 and the ice chips in the bottom.

Ad 6 Wind after lunch was only 12 knots and we decided to go ahead and pull the central cover over the second garage. Weather: overcast with light snow fall, -16 - 11 C, wind 14 knots from S, visibility 0.5 mile

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