30 June 2008

The camp celebrated the very first NEEM ice core

Drilling the first NEEM ice core

Drilling the first NEEM ice core.

Again a day with perfect weather. The new team at NEEM has been blessed with good weather and no snow fall. Today the work on the outside of the dome continued and insulation was placed on the groundfloor. In the drill trench the set up of the shallow drill was finalized and intermediate facilities for logging the 3 inch ice core was made. Drill started after celebrating Hans Peters birthday with cake.

 Hans Peter birthday

Hans Peter with his birthday cake.

Drill depth: 11.36 under 5 May 2008 snow surface (bag 21, 36 cm)
Daily core length: 3.08m in 3 runs;
Total core length: 3.08m

 What we have done today:

  1. Covered the passway between the science- and drill trench with snow
  2. Continued the work placing screws on the dome shell.
  3. Covered the ground floor of the dome with 3 layers of insulation material
  4. Maintenance on the Pisten Bully crane
  5. BAS: Stationary radar measurements
  6. Installed the 3 inch shallow drill and intermediate logging facility in drill trench
  7. Drilled the first 3 NEEM ice cores.
  8. Celebrated Hans Peters Birthday with cake and birthday song.

Weather: blue sky, -12 to -2 C, wind 6-10 knots from S visibility unrestricted.

Ad 7. The reference for the depth of the NEEM ice core was established in the following way: A theodolite was used to level the top of the roof of the drill trench to the level of the undisturbed snow surface 5 May 2008 marked on three flags placed in a triangle around the drill trench at the beginning of the 2008 field season (62cm,60cm,65cm). The roof was 62 cm above the 5. May 2008 snow surface. The distance between the bottom of the inclined drill trench to the top of the roof was measured using a laser distance tool to 790cm. The top of the first ice core thus is 790-62 = 728cm. The top of the first ice core is placed 13cm into bag 14.

FL, D. Dahl-Jensen.

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