22 June 2008

Sunday, a bit slow but we mounted some difficult panels

Men at work

A line up of hard working men in the excavation for the science trench.

Today was clearly a Sunday. People began work a bit later than usual; but soon people were working at their different tasks. As we are fitting the final panels at the bottom of the dome, we have to spend more time mounting them right. We are beginning to prepare for the big exchange of personnel next week. Plans are made of who arrives and who leaves in the coming days. We got a bit of good news from Kangerlussuaq as we were told that the ship had arrived, and that some of our cargo will be available for this flight period. This is indeed good news.

What we have done today:

  1. Excavating science trench, now 5.5 m deep.
  2. Mounting 6 panels on main dome.11 bottom panels to go.
  3. Grooming of skiway and apron completed. All flags revised.
  4. Maintenance and repairs on 2nd Herman Nelson.

Ad.2:The final panels need some reshaping to be mounted on the dome. We hope by tomorrow to have the bottom complete.

Weather: some scattered clouds, - 11 to -9 C, 9 knots from S. Visibility: to horizon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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