18 June 2008

Panels and snow and snow and panels....


Sebastian, Claus and Peter are listening to an entertaining program while doing the dishes.

Today was the fifth day in a row with total overcast and snow fall all day. We are grateful that his is not a planned flight week, as we would have to cancel all flights. The fallen snow and the absence of any direct sunlight, caused the surface contrast to be very low. Snowmobile drivers had to use extreme caution while driving as snow hills and pits became invisible. Despite the snowfall the crew went to work and we mounted 16 panels. This is not so much as yesterday, partly because several panels needed additional shaping to fit and partly because radiation heating caused water and ice and icicles to form. The science trench is now taking shape, it is 1 m deep.

On May 25th we setup three surface reference flags in the undisturbed snow. Control measurements today give a total of 10 cm of new snow has accumulated on the undisturbed surface.

What we have done today:

  1. Excavating science trench, now 1 m deep.
  2. Mounting 16 panels on main dome. Now a total of 70 are mounted. We are more than half way.

Weather: Overcast, - 5 C to -10 C, 14 knots from S. Visibility: 1/2 mile, snow all day.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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