8 June 2008

Now the drill trench has a roof

The snow blower is hoisted

The snow blower is hoisted up with our crane.

This morning we received weather forecasts that indicated we would get really windy conditions on Monday. As the drill trench excavating team has been fighting the elements for more than a week, we decided to put all efforts into putting the drill trench roof in place and make it tight. We were finished with the work at 23.30. Everybody went tired to bed. Several individuals have carried more than 6 tons of wood today. Just after Sverrir had solved a fuel problem on the Pistenbully, it was needed.

As we were preparing for the roof of the drill trench, the snow wall gave way, and one of our snow blowers fell into the pit. We hoisted the machine up with the crane, and noted that the damage was limited. Now the drill trench is covered for the storm tomorrow. We still need 1.5 m to reach full depth of the trench, but we will remove roof sections in both ends for the blower to blow snow out.

What we have done today:

  1. Repairing fuel problem on Pistenbully.
  2. Laying roof over drill trench. Depth is now 4.5 m.
  3. Rescuing fallen snow blower.

Weather: Most of the day, blue sky, -11 C, 16 knots from S. In the afternoon overcast, -9C , 17 knots from S, and snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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