27 May 2008

Sticky weather


It was a windy day.

Our old Hatz generator finally gave up last night. Sverrir was fighting with it from 3 AM to 5 AM and he managed to make it run – just barely. Luckily a few days ago, J.P. found some missing spare parts for our broken MASE generator. So today these spares were used, and we have full power once more.

The morning was windy, overcast, and it snowed. It was also very warm, which made the snow really sticky. We decided it was not possible to continue digging the drill trench, as it would back fill just as fast as we would blow snow. Also putting up more canvas on the garage seem a risky affair in the wind, so we put a lot of effort in keeping the skiway in good order by grooming.

With the repaired MASE generator, we also had enough power to power an electrical stove. We installed it, but due to wrong wiring on the stove from the supplier, a short circuit developed due to overvoltage. What a sinking feeling.

In the evening, the weather seemed to improve, so we began mounting the other end of the garage, but the wind picked up again, and people had to fight mounting the canvas.

What we have done today:

  1. The other end mounted on garage.
  2. Making shelves in kitchen.
  3. Grooming skiway, taxi ways and apron. Grooming continues into the night.
  4. Grooming with tiller.
  5. Repairing MASE 16 kW generator.

Weather: In the morning overcast and snow: -9 C, 16 knots wind from S. In the evening broken ceiling, -8 C and 10 knots wind from SE.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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