23 May 2008

Building a new kitchen

New kitchen

Sverrir inspects the work of Claus and Hans Chistian in the new kirchen.

Inside Red Dome tent 1 there were happy sounds today. Our carpenter, Claus, and the doctor, Hans Christian, have been hammering and sawing the whole day, making furniture for Sarah, our cook so we may move in tomorrow. They also were able to listen to music while at work, as we setup the old NGRIP stereo set for them. The future kitchen tent was previously a metal workshop tent in the earlier project, NGRIP. So on the door is still a sign saying: “No sawdust in this tent”. Well today, this was ignored.

Out on the apron, Sverrir and J.P. were working on the wrecked crane. Armed with a few tips from the crane company, they managed to make the crane move. It is now mounted on the back of the Pistenbully, where it belongs. The damage is not repaired however, it is just fixed by bypassing the electronic servo control.

Gaël, Thomas, Sebastian and Jim have been palletizing empty drums and shuttling food and other items from the old kitchen to the new.

For dinner: Pasta dish with pork.

What we have done today:

  1. Doing carpenter work in the new kitchen.
  2. Fixing the crane and mounting it on the Pistenbully.
  3. Palletizing empty drums.
  4. Shuttling food stuffs from the old kitchen to the new.
  5. Grooming around new dome tents.
  6. Setting up a gas heater in the new kitchen.

Weather: Nice: -21 C, 13 knots wind from SE. Sunshine all day. A bit nippy outside.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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