21 May 2008

After the storm

A picture is on the way via satellite

We woke up this morning to a different world. The weather was really nice and we got a lot of work done. Using surveying instruments, the foundations for the garage and the red dome tent were put in and made level within a few centimetre. We took great care attaching the hydraulic tiller behind the Pistenbully for the first time. Step by step we proceeded, consulting the manual all the time. The tiller is a fast rotating cylinder with long sharp teeth, as it is pulled behind the Pistenbully, it mills the surface snow, which will then sinter and harden. It is quite an impressive device. When in action the power output is 135 kW or 150 hp. Boxes, pallets and cables were dug out of snow drifts, and by the end of the day the camp looked clean and nice again.

Sarah cooked us breakfast for lunch (fried potatoes, bacon, eggs and sausages) and we had a nice gumbo (Cajun) dinner.

What we have done today:

  1. Doug out Toyota from its winter resting place.
  2. The foundation of garage.1 is put in and levelled.
  3. Hill for Red dome 1 ready and foundation ready.
  4. Cleared off empty pallets and collecting them.
  5. Mounting tiller on Pistenbully, testing and adjusting.
  6. Sealed weatherports with snow around the bases.

Weather: Beautiful: -23 C, 5 knots wind from E – SE. Sunshine all day.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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