19 May 2008

Is the storm coming?

Claus before and after

Claus yesterday before the wind came, and today. The effects of the wind is obvious.

As we woke this morning, it was somewhat windier than we are used to. During the morning, winds increased from 14 knots to 18 knots, and as temperatures were about -27 C, the windchill became lower than -50. It was difficult to keep hands, feet and faces warm, and in the afternoon it was decided, to wait out the wind, instead of doing risky work outside. Only Sverrir, sitting in a heated cabin driving the new Pistenbully, was working. He finished the hill for a garage and began making the hill for another red domed tent.

The wind persisted all day and in the evening the surface snow became agitated. Snow became airborne and began to move. Visibility was reduced to 1 mile.

What we have done today:

  1. Finished a 2 m hill for Garage 1.
  2. Hill for Red Dome 1 half dome.
  3. Waiting for the weather to improve.

Weather: A blusterous day: -31 to -27 C and 12-16 knots wind from N and NE. Sunshine all day.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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