11 May 2008

A nice day for cleaning up

Rollers are mounted on top of a heavy sledge.

Rollers are mounted on top of a heavy sledge. The sledge will be used for receiving large pallets of cargo on next week's flights. Photo: Thomas Overly, NEEM team.

On this Whit Sunday we started a bit later than normal, but as weather was so beautiful we accomplished a lot.

Gaël and Thomas spent all day working with shovels and the snow blower. Jim spent another day grooming the skiway, Sverrir maintained and repaired equipment and J.P. spent a day in the office (kitchen) writing reports and setting up a satellite link with telephone and e-mail. Things are beginning to take shape. The skiway is almost ready to receive flights. With all vehicles and heavy sledges ready, we can now focus on excavating the pallets with cargo from last year and the recently arrived pallets and pull them away from the aeroplane area and into camp in a cargo line. When this is complete, the camp will not only look, but also be much more tidy and less chaotic.

The weather has been very collaborative. With little wind and eternal sunshine, people enjoyed working outside.

Once again Gaël treated the crew with his cooking. A very nice one-pot-meal with a beer concluded a good day.

What we have done today:

  1. Removed the snowmobile snow cave.
  2. Dug out all pallets from last year.
  3. Maintenance and oil change on Hatz generators.
  4. Repairing the fuel pump.
  5. Zig-zag grooming on skiway finished.
  6. Grooming of taxiways and apron almost done.
  7. Writing reports and setting up satellite link.

Ad.4. The top bearing of the pump rod is bad. We need a replacement.

Weather at 19:00L: -21.3°C, blue sky, 1.5 m/s from 230 M, unlimited visibility.

Field Leader, J.P. Steffensen

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