6 May 2008

Out and back

The put-in team ready for boarding the Hercules plane.
The weekend was spent finalizing cargo for the first missions and preparing the required manifests etc. for the flight missions. Three Hercules airplanes from the 109th airlift wing of the New York Air National Guard arrived Sunday afternoon, and the coming week’s missions were planned at the mission commander meeting.

On Monday, the remaining four members of the put-in team arrived from Copenhagen. The weather forecast was marginal, but an attempt was made to fly to the NEEM site. Today at 08:30L, a Hercules airplane with 4–5 tons of passengers and equipment left Kangerlussuaq for the NEEM site. The camp and skiway flags were partially visible through the clouds, but the weather did not allow a landing attempt to be made, and the plane returned to Kangerlussuaq.

The weather forecast is better for Wednesday where a second attempt will be made.

The rest of the day was spent mounting the radio antenna on the roof of the field office building and making the Pistenbully tracked vehicle ready for shipment. It is a bit too tall for the Hercules planes, but the problem can be solved by dismantling it slightly.

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