27 May 2015

Second day at EGRIP!

Our arrival picture of the traverse at EGRIP.

Our arrival picture of the traverse at EGRIP.

For the first day in 10 days, the dome didn’t move. People were allowed to sleep in, and then we began unpacking our cargo. Now the once compact cargo on the sleds is spread all over the snow in smaller piles.

At the same time, survey of the future camp was completed, and we began to construct snow hills for the future garages.

Tomorrow, we will begin to prepare the snow foundation of the dome. We plan to move the dome to its future location on Sunday.

We are also surveying the future skiway area for LC-130 flights. The designated area is flat and well suited for flights. Tonight, after dinner, there was time for a little relaxation in the dome.

What we have done today:

1.    Finished surveying and marking the sites of all future camp structures.
2.    Unpacking sleds and arranging cargo in cargo line.
3.    Building berm for future mechanics garage.
4.    Surveying future skiway. Skiway marking is in progress.
5.    Meteorological station installed in center of future camp.

Weather: Beautiful day. Temp. – 16°C to -27°C, 4-5 m/s from SW. Visibility:  Un-restricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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