21 May 2015

EGRIP traverse on the central ridge of the Greenland ice sheet


EGRIP traverse camp on the ridge with Twin Otter aeroplane

Although the traverse was late to get under way, we made good time, and drove 55 km in fine snow conditions, without any major incidents. The two flexmobils started first, followed by the Pistenbully pulling the GrIT sled. The last to depart were the CASE with the dome and the Pistenbully with the sled train. The tractors arrived at our present destination in almost reverse order.

Again today, two science groups swarmed around the traverse train like busy bees. The third snowmobile group went directly to former 2007 drill site 1 to drill a core. We met them on arrival. We have arrived at the highest point of our traverse. We have climbed from 2484 m (NEEM) to 2771 m.

We are now on the main Greenland ice divide. Tomorrow, we will begin our decent into East Greenland towards EGRIP site at 2705m. We are also at the point of the Greenland ice sheet where it is furthest from any margin of the ice sheet, some 500 km in any direction.

In the evening, at 19.00 the Twin Otter aeroplane stopped by and Koni Steffen and his PARCA crew stay another night.  

We are temporarily 17 persons in camp.

What we have done today:

1. Refuelling aeroplane and sending our PARCA guest on their way.
2. Service on vehicles.
3. Checking and tightening bolts and cables in foundation of dome.
4. Flexmobils left at 11.00, and main train followed at 12. At 18.30 we all had
    arrived close to Waypoint 23 (76.45 N, 44.77W, 200 km from NEEM site)
5. Measurement of radar and GPS en-route.
6. Snow sampling en-route.
7. Drilled a 11 m core today at 2007 drill site 1, and yesterday a 11m core at
    2007 drill site 2
8. For the third time: Received Twin Otter flight with the PARCA weather station
    crew. Six more persons stay in camp tonight.  

NEEM weather: Beautiful day. Temp. – 25 °C to -15 °C, 2-5 m/s from SSE. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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